Monday, April 26, 2010


Thanks for joining me here.

I've been wanting to start a new incarnation of my blog, but various things have interrupted to varying degrees in the past few years since my blog went on hiatus.

So, in a sincere and yet crafty sidestepping of all those various things, I'm going to publish from scratch--no design, no supporting content, no icon, no avatar, no other pages...YET.

I want my own virtual space, giving me a place to look forward to visiting. Here I will make a space to document life and my intentional effort to enjoy it; find and encourage peace; and spread knowledge, wisdom, art, humor, spirit, warmth, and love.

"Here" might not stay on this URL, but I want to start publishing before something else gets in the way.

I look forward to your visits, comments & camaraderie, new friends & old.


JillWrites said...

Hi, people! Let's have a party.

peefer said...

"She loves you
And you know you should be glad

Sarah said...

Looking forward to your posts!

scott said...

Hello, Jill.

kat said...

i love it when peefer quotes the beatles.

welcome back, you.

narthex said...

Let the festivities begin!

Perhaps there is something to be said for having a completely non-branded experience like the OCD of Cayce, the character in William Gibson's Pattern Recognition. Being one who has spent a lot of time in the branding business, I really identified with a character that had obsessive brand avoidance disorder.


Christopher said...

She's ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-aa-ck!

And the Interwebs just became a much more literate and fun place to play again. WOOHOO!

Keri English said...

let er rip sista

JillWrites said...

My comment forwarding has not been successful, whoops. I love you guys!

@Narthex: I've never read that. I'll put it on my list.