Friday, May 28, 2010

Existentialism! Made easy! Not really!

Hell is meta.
Hell is unwanted metaphysical transcendence.
Hell is censorship by other people's unwitting offenses to your self.
Hell is constant self-minimizing.
Hell is a sentence of self-mockery.
Hell is not being able to plan to experience the seasons.
Hell is the persistent illusion of being banned from experiencing the summer of your life.
Time to break out of hell.
Unfortunately, breaking out of hell is a 24 hour per day job.

The second I try to put words to things, I feel as if my IQ has plummeted severely. Language is depressingly imprecise.

There's a Facebook group in support of getting Slavoj Žižek to host SNL. I'd join it, but I don't want to cause the guy any unnecessary angst.

Unfortunately, it's him or me, so I guess peer pressure is the way to go. (That was comedy.

Including the lazy use of punctuation.)

Perhaps language is highly precise in its lazy usage because making parallels to familiar usage is how people most efficiently understand.

Visual expression: another language, another collection of despair.

In this day and age, an apparent lack of interest in Web communication is a psychic cry for help. Agree.


Inspiration & suggested reading:

The Plague of Fantasies. Slavoj Žižek. ("Every belonging in a society involves a paradoxical point at which the subject is ordered to embrace freely, as the result of his choice, what is anyway imposed upon him.")

"No Exit". Jean-Paul Sartre. ("Hell is other people.")

While funny, this shouldn't be a joke. (See above note on the preciseness of the imprecise use of language.)


Above, a diptych I wanted to share on my blog back in February. (The painting is one of mine.) Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. While funny, this shouldn't be a joke.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Signs that you're Jill #1

You cannot disengage Hamlet from photo printing. When attempting to download color profiles from the photo lab, you admonish yourself:

O, that...
The Everlasting had not fix'd
His Canon 'gainst self-printing.

And here's a photo of my friend Ritty Mahoney as Hamlet in Seaview Playwrights Theatre's recent production. More shots, eventually. Facebook? My new photography homepage? Flickr? Who the hell can predict such things.